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There's just one week to go before our annual children's Holiday Club which starts on Tuesday 27 and runs until Friday 30 from 9.30am to 12.15pm each morning.

This year's holiday club title is Go MAD! with the tagline Go Make A Difference! Whilst we won't be revealing too much, the overall theme is one of taking responsibility, recognising how fortunate we are compared to others, and stepping up and making a difference. Church is a place for faith, and part of that is stewardship - caring for what we have - which is important in our lives and in our world today.

Before the main week commences, we have the briefing and safeguarding session held in the RJ room at 10am on SATURDAY 24 AUGUST. For those volunteering during the week, you must be given this briefing and safeguarding update before you can help.

The main preparation will take place on Sunday 25 August rather than the traditional Monday before - this is so that we can spend that day preparing ourselves for the week ahead, especially one titled Go MAD! There is also a 4-5-6 service on Sunday so the shorter service and supper afterwards makes it easier to stay at church and prepare.

We'd like to inform you that Highbury Road will be closed from 9.30am to 4.30pm from the Tuesday (27th) to Friday (30th) of August. This means there is no access to our site via Highbury Road at all during the week so if you plan on driving, please enter via the roundabout or off Walsworth Road. However, where possible, we'd encourage you to park off-site or to walk, rather than dropping off at the door due to the limited space in front of the church. If you live on the Wymondley Road side of Highbury Road, please allow extra time for your journey due to the diversion down Hollow Lane.

Please note the Highbury Road entrance will be closed Monday 26 to Friday 30 August from 9am to 5pm - it is our decision to close during this time to stop neighbouring residents from parking on-site and preventing our Holiday Club volunteers from having space to park. For more details, please see the posters at the church and by the Highbury Road entrance.

Finally, as we start the countdown to Go Mad! (see it live here!) we'd ask you prayer for all those involved in this year's holiday club; whether they be leading sessions, helping with groups, playing in the band, making refreshments, preparing resources, or running the tech, we ask you'd consider them all as they give up their time to share God's message with the children! Whether a seasoned member or new to the holiday club team this year, we offer them thanks for donating your time - especially those whose efforts began many months ago! (more on that during the week). In this final run-up, we also think of the children who will be attending, many of whom will not be regular attendees of a church and some for which this may even be their first time. Open their eyes and ears to the message of the week Go Make A Difference! and pray that they understand more about stewardship and the impact of our actions in our world today. May they enjoy the week and all it has to offer, go home talking about their morning, and bring their parents back on Friday for the Fish & Chips evening and feedback session!


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