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As a church, we don't receive any money from an overall organisation - in fact we give to the Baptist Union and Central Baptist Association to support their work!

We particularly rely on giving and room hire to help fund our mission so we appreciate any gift you can make. Find out the various ways you can help support our work below


In person

Back in 2023, we returned to taking up an offering during morning worship although contactless donations can also be made through the card reader in the Richard Johnson room


When Shopping online

We receive a tiny donation back from the retailer when you shop online through easyfundraising - it costs you nothing!

DSC_0407 Shoebox Project.jpg

Support the shoebox project

Could you give up one coffee to ensure a shoebox of essentials and Christmas gifts reaches the most vulnerable and exploited children and families in Eastern Europe this Christmas?

Further info

We can claim an extra 25% from HMRC on top of your gift if you are a UK taxpayer. We greatly appreciate your time

To set up a standing order, simply log into online banking or visit a local branch. Thanks to regular givers

For any further enquiries please contact Prof. Sir Les Ebdon, our church treasurer

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