Shoebox Project 2020

Tuesday 3 November 10:30am
We are continuing with the Shoebox Project! We have been in touch with Link to Hope HQ who have themselves been busy verifying all the procedures and requirements with the police. We will still be collecting shoeboxes from participating schools on Friday 6 November, otherwise please drop your shoebox (or donations) into the church on Saturday 7 November - this date gives us sufficient time for the shoeboxes to quarantine in the church prior to sorting! Volunteered to help? We'll send you an email this weekend

Are you having difficulty remembering where we are in the year? Well, let us help ... it's Shoebox Season! As with all activities this year, this year's Shoebox Project will be on a different level to usual due to Covid-19. We have already spoken to the schools and are planning and organising as best we can, while also factoring in the ever-changing guidelines! One thing is certain however, the need for the shoeboxes is greater than ever

"... the situation in Eastern Europe is worse than ours as they are without the healthcare and support that we are fortunate to have in this country. We would love to bless as many people as possible ..." - Link to Hope

There are different ways to help out with our Shoebox project - even from the comfort of home! To get involved, please complete the volunteer form below, to enable us to see how best to use the offers of help and donations. This year's Shoeboxes letter and instructions are also provided. If you would like to make a financial contribution, that would be hugely appreciated - particularly this year, we are happy to buy the supplies we need, especially as you may find it diffcult to shop. For more information, contact us direct or view the page on the 2019 project.

The church will be open on Saturday 31 October and Saturday 7 November between 9.30am and 11.30am for donations to be dropped off.


16 years of shoeboxes in Hitchin

12,000+ shoeboxes collected and delivered

95% sorted at WRBC, saving hundreds of hours for the charity

100+ volunteer team of sorters

21 schools

7 churches

3 organisations

Countless individuals

thank you!

more about the PROJECT

When we first began the project, shoeboxes were prepared for Smile International but after a decade as one of their largest contributors and going out with them to deliver shoeboxes in Kosovo, the charity wound up operations in Eastern Europe to focus on its other areas. However, we realised how big a difference the shoeboxes made to the lives of the people receiving them as well the huge part they play in church life each year and so we found another charity that worked in a similar region, called Link to Hope. Despite OUR initial scale-back of operations as we sought a new charity, the people of Hitchin have continued to show their generosity and support for the Shoebox Appeal - 2020 planning with Covid-19 regulations is well underway!