Youth work

at wrbc hitchin

The majority of groups for our youth have been postponed indefinitely (latest COVID-19 updates) - so we've reduced this page slightly. We have set-up online gatherings for Youth Mix, and Jam Clubbers can get a splat for being seen at our Sunday services on Zoom!

Watch the video to see some of the highlights of what Jam Club and Youth Mix get up to together

We're proud of the wide range of groups on offer to children and young people at Walsworth Road. As part of our commitment to our youth, we appointed a dedicated Youth Worker in conjunction with Phase Hitchin back in 2016.

Jam Club

Jam Club runs every Sunday morning and is for children aged 4 - 15! Jam Club currently meets online  at 9.30am on Sunday morning before the main church service begins at 10.30 am.

For more information, you can email Amanda directly below or ask us on Zoom during a Sunday morning!

Youth Mix

Youth Mix is open to all young people in Years 6 - 11, meeting from 6.30pm on Sundays during term time. Youth Mix has moved online while the church has been closed, led by our youth worker Helen. Email her directly to find out more about Youth Mix.

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