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We rely on both paid workers and volunteers to help support the daily running of the church. Check out the range of opportunities available below and get in touch if something catches your eye - we'd love to discuss them with you!


Sorry, there are no paid vacancies available at the moment

Vacancy: Paid

Volunteer Roles

Vacancy: Volunteer

Deacon (4No)  *  **


*     There is a Genuine Occupational Requirement for the role holder to be a Christian in accordance with Part 1, Schedule 9 of the Equality Act 2010.

**    As a charity, we are bounded by the requirements of the Charity Commission. As such, only individuals not disqualified by bankruptcy or with convictions for financial wrong doing may apply.

***   While not a comprehensive list, any individual included on the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) list, found to have committed certain violent or sexual criminal offences against adults or children, who lives in the same household where a disqualified individual resides or is employed, or found to have committed an offence overseas which would constitute an offence under 2018 regulations had it been committed in the UK, is not eligible for this role. Due to the work with children and young adults, the successful applicant will be subject to an enhanced DBS check.

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