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Shoebox Project Update: May

Updated: May 11, 2020

The Shoebox team have been in touch with each other recently and have also been looking at the Link to Hope website. In all reality it seems unlikely that Walsworth Road will be able to run the Shoebox project as normal in November, particularly as schools may not be feel it appropriate to be involved in such a project following the financial burdens to many parents of COVID-19.

However, Link to Hope are very keen to continue their humanitarian support for those living in Eastern Europe. SO… we would like to encourage you to continue to donate / make items for shoeboxes if you possibly can.

Editor: please note links may take 24 hours to go live

Beanie hats - for adult or children. Ann Newman has written the pattern out (see attached)

Scarves - we tend to make them with chunky wool on 8mm knitting needles about 6 to 7 inches wide and about 27 inches long in garter stitch (plain knitting) as they fit in the boxes quite well and don't take up too much room.

Blankets - can be knitted or crocheted in all sorts of ways, but the finished result should be a lap blanket 36" x 36" preferably not using pale colours as the washing facilities are very basic.

Sewing - Ann Newman can provide a pattern for making sewing kit holders, and Julie Henton Pusey can supply a pattern for making hair band scrunchies (here).

Patterns for further items to make including knitted head bands & mittens, small tote bags & basic aprons are on the L2H website - click here.

Spring Cleaning? - Other usual donations to put in shoeboxes will also be gratefully received. If you are having a clear out and you find any items (new / unused only) please put them to one side at home and then bring them to church when we finally re-open! Look at this poster for ideas.

We will ensure that any items donated are either used by Link to Hope this Autumn or are safely stored for the 2021 project at WRBC.

In case you need a reminder of the difference this project can make CLICK HERE to watch the 2019/20 L2H video

Many thanks from the WRBC Shoebox team & all those who will receive Shoeboxes of Hope this Christmas. Julie, Judith, Ann, Amanda & Tracy


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