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A call to prayer ... online ... tonight!

Usually our Prayer Arrow messages are an invitation to the team to pray as and when you can for the particular request or concern that has been shared with us.

With the news reports from Ukraine today, after the growing concerns in recent days about the preparations being made on the borders for military action, we feel it would be appropriate to gather people together to pray.

Thus a Zoom meeting has been set up for this evening (Thursday, 7.30pm) where we will come together in prayer for the situation. You are invited to join us, and indeed to share the invitation with others far and wide who may be looking for such an opportunity.

Zoom code: Meeting ID: 832 6487 9391 Passcode: 571976

We remain grateful for your prayers offered as you are able at home or wherever, but we are grateful that many will want to join us as we pray this evening for peace.

Greetings and prayerful best wishes

In Christ, the prince of peace,



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