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Jam Club: Show N' Tell

The Story of Samson

On Sunday 16 June, Jam (Jesus And Me) Club looked at the story of Samson. We learnt that Samson’s uncut hair was a sign of being set apart for God, of living life for God. We thought about how this outward symbol of his long hair was a reminder of his inner commitment to God.

Because it was Father’s Day, we decided to make some gifts for all the men in church as a souvenir to them that outward symbols can be a reminder of an inner commitment to God. We thought about some of the traditional Christian symbols that we associate with being a Christian (a Crucifix, Alpha & Omega, Dove, etc.) and then we looked at some of the early symbols that were used to show Christianity (IH or IX Monogram, Jerusalem Cross, etc.).

These symbols were copied onto keyrings or badges along with any words or messages. At the end of the service, Jam Club headed back into church for a Show & Tell and handed out to all the men in church, along with a small bar of chocolate - a little something extra on Father's Day!


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