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Dear friends,

Thank you for your support for, your interest in or your correspondence about the Ecobricks project that we have coordinated at our church in Hitchin during recent years.

Please accept this notice that we are officially finishing the collection of ecobricks at the end of September. We will accept 'fully compliant' ecobricks for the next two weeks - in case you still have one being filled at home - until we can arrange a final delivery to the farm where we have taken some 3000 bottles so far!

Please understand however that this ending is not a sign of fatigue or frustration, but rather a recognition - as was hoped when we started out four years ago - that the science of recycling plastic would improve to a point where much more of our plastic waste could be sent for recycling. This must be a better alternative to the virtual landfill that ecobricks actually are! And indeed that hope has been fulfilled and that day has now come.

Hopefully you will have seen that most of the supermarkets now have the facility at their store for collecting all soft and flexible plastics to enable these to be recycled. Sainsburys in Hitchin is the closest such point to our church, but there are now many other supermarkets offering this service.

We are grateful to you all and for the support of the local community, and expect to deliver one more full trailer-load of ecobricks to the farm in the middle of October. There has been very little feedback in between our visits from the farm, but there is a real appreciation at

the point of delivery for our contribution to their construction project.

If you want to keep in touch with us and are not already signed up to receive our church communications, please use: to drop us a line.

We are not launching any new eco-themed projects at present, but we are very definitely

committed to praying for the COP26 conference to be hosted by the UK government in Glasgow in November, and you are very welcome to join us in that.

With thanks again, and with our best wishes,

ANDREW, WILL & others

The WRBC Ecobricks team

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