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Are we nearly there yet?

Updated: Jul 9, 2019

Pastor Ziad and his family are here!  Praise the Lord!

Following the uncertainty shared at the weekend about threatened industrial action at Ben Gurion airport, we are delighted to report that Pastor Ziad and his wife Randa, and their children Matthew (Matta, aged 12) and Moreiah (aged 8) arrived at Luton safely last night.

They are staying at Gil and Diana's home for the first week or so, and then later will be with Les and Judith - to all of whom a huge thank you for the demanding responsibility as well as the wonderful privilege of offering hospitality.

Pastor Ziad will be speaking at our Sunday services on 7th July (6.30pm) and 14th July (10.30am), and will be at other services and meetings, but we also have the opportunity for a first meeting, as originally planned and announced, to meet them all TONIGHT Wednesday 3rd July (7.30pm in the Lower Hall).   We hope that you have already planned to come and say Hello in person, and would simply remind you of this very special opportunity, and encourage not to miss it if you possibly can.

Please join us in praying now and throughout the coming couple of days to ensure that God's gracious hand of blessing will be upon this family as they share their holiday with us, but as, through the twinning relationship as it develops, we also share together face to face. It's a chance - a carefully prayerfully prepared opportunity indeed - to get to know each other, a chance to hear what God is doing in Tura'an, and to share what he is doing in Hitchin too.  

Come And See!

Randa and Ziad welcoming Andrew to their home. And we can now welcome them here! Hallelujah!


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