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Shoebox Project 2023

Monday 6 - Friday 10 November

Our 20th year collecting shoeboxes!

Assemblies in schools are well underway and a volunteer sign-up list is up in the RJ room - morning, afternoon and evening slots are available! There's a role for everyone, have a word with Julie HP or drop her an email here.

If you aren't around to help but would like to purchase supplies when items run low or to cover the transportation costs, donations can be made through the website (please mark 'Shoeboxes'), via the 'Shoeboxes' tab on the contactless reader in the church, or by handing donations to Julie in person.

This year we'd also like to have any knitted donations in advance of sorting to include when sorting though goods so if any knitters out there are yet to bring their donations, please drop them off one Sunday or have a word with Julie who can arrange collection from you.

Finally, the very fact this project is now entering it's 20th year, is testament to the prayer for the success of the project. Please continue to pray that, even in increasingly difficult times for many in our nation and abroad, God will bless the project - those giving their support, those organising, those transporting, and those distributing these Christmas shoeboxes of hope!

Thank you


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