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Nativity from Scratch


18 children took part in the 2018 Nativity play, which we run from scratch on the morning of the service! Children turned up from 10 am to choose which character they wanted to be from the different sized costumes available.

Elodie, (aged 11) did a fantastic job of narrating the play (with only 30 mins notice) alongside our youth worker Helen, as we had a last minute drop out by the planned Narrator.

In the same way as last year the play again featured two Mary’s (an adult & a child), but this year we also had a real baby (Oscar) to hold and place in the Moses basket “manger”. This added a real sense of awe to the children as they gathered around to see the baby moving.

And baby Oscar was very well behaved, with no crying throughout!

Thank you to all who came along and took part, we hope you had a great time!

Amanda Maylin

Jam Club Coordinator


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