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The Meaningful Chocolate Company

Have you ever thought of sending a gift of chocolate? It’s sometimes hard to know exactly what type of chocolate to buy someone, and especially at the moment it’s hard to go out to browse the selections of chocolates let alone to then deliver the gift!

The Meaningful Chocolate Company now offer the chance for you to send chocolate gifts from the comfort of your own home, and they are all Fairtrade too, so your gift supports others too! There are lots of options to choose from, with a few shown below. Visit their website for more information and to see the full range of gifts.

Individual bars of Chocolate can be sent - many of the bars have a specific message on them. They currently cost £7.50 including postage (as at 13/6/20)

Milk chocolate bars

· Just to say thanks

· Thinking of you

· Friends make you…

· Love is patient love is kind

· All you need is love and chocolate

· Have a lovely day

Dark chocolate bars

· All you need is love and chocolate

Orange milk chocolate bar

No message

As well as bars of chocolate, you can send 5 packs of Chunky Buttons - a firm favourite with children! These are also Fairtrade and currently cost £7.50 including postage. Read the information at the end about how these buttons are made and the projects they support…

… and there is still the opportunity to donate chunky buttons to NHS staff.

Finally, they are also now selling a Heart Box which includes a handmade heart and 12 milk or dark chocolate squares in a gift box. This currently costs £12.00 and includes postage.

The above gifts are all sent with a personalised message card and are packed so they can be posted individually through a standard letterbox without the need for a signature or the door being opened.

The Chocolate in our Chunky Buttons is very special. The organic sugar comes from cooperatives in Paraguay and Belize. Organic Cacao beans are sourced from cooperatives in the Dominican Republic, Peru, Panama and Ecuador. The chocolate is blended in Switzerland. Although the buttons are made from organic chocolate, they are not certified organic on the bags.

The chocolate from our buttons comes from the Dominican Foundation of Organic Producers. In the year 2,000 the Dominican Foundation had 84 members. Today it has more than 1000 organised into small farmer cooperatives in the main production areas. In recent years The Dominican Foundation has invested the Fairtrade premium into the following projects:

  • Renovation of cocoa trees in the farms

  • Introduction and distribution of new plant material to the farmers

  • Community projects (Building of wells and improvements of roads)

  • Strengthening of the technical and management capacities

To sustain the farmers, we work with partners who commit to:

  • purchase the entire crop of the Dominican Foundation and paying a bonus price for organic and Fairtrade quality

  • Pre-financing the production and the harvest costs

  • Financing the organic certification

  • Providing training and advice on agricultural and social topics through a team of highly motivated agronomists

  • Contributing to strengthen farmers organizations

  • Providing high quality crafted cocoa seedlings at cost price

Amanda Maylin

13th June 2020


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