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Updated: Aug 17, 2019

***NEW ITEM ADDED 12 AUGUST*** Sunday 8 September is a busy day this year!

During the morning service, we've got the Jam Club Promotions when the young people are put into their groups for the year. For some, they may stay in the some groups due to the age grouping while others may get to move on from one group to another. Jam Club Promotions are an important part of the year as they help show church members which groups the children are in, as well as reminding some adults of names and faces!

**UPDATE Immediately after the morning service, we will be taking a new church family group photograph at the front of church! Jam Club will come back in and refreshments will wait until after the photo is sorted; we love to take these photos as it shows the church family together as one. Note by featuring in the photo, you'll automatically give your consent for internal, external and online use of the photo. See you there! WRBC Media

This year, there is a Bring your own picnic starting after the morning service [church photograph] and refreshments - at about 12.15pm. Everyone is invited to join with each other and especially the families of the children who come to WRBC. There's a free bouncy castle, garden games, ice creams, cakes and a family quiz on offer so why not invite along friends or neighbours as we 'Share Life together'.

Finally in the evening, we have our Songs of Praise 150 service starting at 6.30 pm. Similar to Songs of Praise style services we've held previously, we'll be including a variety of well-known, popular and nominated songs in the service. All are invited to nominate a favourite song or tune. Whilst we cannot guarantee that your song will be included (due to number and times!) we look to use as many as possible. You can nominate a song here (please fill out the form) and we look forward to seeing you there.


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