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In Love and Remembrance

In Love & Remembrance - Sunday 29 October 2023, 5.00pm

For many years it has been our pattern to hold a service at which, as an act of love of remembrance, the names of loved ones who have died are read out, and when candles are lit for each one named too.

In recent years this service has been arranged for the last Sunday of October, and so in 2023 this occasion lands on Sunday 29 October with our time together starting at 5.00pm.

Letters inviting the submission of a name or names for the list to be read out are being sent out to those within and beyond the church family whose experience of bereavement is more recent, but the opportunity to submit a name is open to all friends, however long ago the bereavement may have occurred.

A list will be going up on one of the noticeboards at church next month where names can be submitted, or indeed please feel able to make the request of our pastor Andrew directly – .

Attendance at the service is not a requirement for having a name included, although of course all are welcome to join us as we gather for what is a beautiful, worshipful and moving occasion.



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