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Have you heard about #Ecobricks? A simple and effective way of reducing our impact on the environment - you just need a 2 litre bottle and any non-recyclable plastic!

Take a clean and dry 2-litre drinks bottle, and fill it with 350g - 400g of the soft plastic films, bags and packaging that are not currently recyclable. Ensure the plastic is dry and as clean as possible and use a piece of dowel rod or a wooden spoon handle to push the plastic into the bottle to pack it as densely as possible. Top tip - ensure that the first plastic in your bottle is really squishy to fill in the ‘feet’ of the bottle!

When your bottle is full, put the lid on tightly, and write the approximate weight in Sharpie pen, and bring it – or indeed bring all the ecobricks you have made and collected with friends - along to WRBC by the end of June. We will be including them in a public event in July.

The church is open Saturday mornings between 10 and 12 (why not stay for a free cuppa), and on Sundays for morning services! If you attend a group that meets at the church during the week, you can also leave your Ecobricks in the welcome area.

A 2 litre drinks bottle stuffed full of the unrecyclable plastic that is all around us may seem an unlikely way to make a statement about seeking a more sustainable way of life but we at WRBC Hitchin believe it really can make a difference!

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