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Church can be A daunting place - they're some of the FEW HIGH-STREET buildings you can't see into from the outside!

Old church buildings like ours are designed to be grand buildings - however we know they can put people off! Walking up the drive to our church, the building looms over you and being built of stone with little glazing, is very hard to see into! 

When you first arrive (map), head for the triangular-shaped steel and glass building where someone will welcome you in and point you in the direction of the church. If there is no-one on the doors, please come on in and head through the double doors on your right hand side.

Evening services tend to be more quiet and reflective than the morning ones and we don't run Jam Club. This also used to be when Youth Mix met in the lounge, although this has now moved to Friday nights!

come along and give us a go!

We sing a mixture of modern songs and traditional hymns, these are projected and while most people will stand, please don't feel embarrassed if you want to remain seated. Unlike many people's perceptions of church, we don't have lots of complicated prayers and things to recite; most services will include the Lord's Prayer and this is also projected. If you want to say it as you know it or in your native tongue, you would certainly not be the first. We even have a plate on the table at the front with the Lord's Prayer in Arabic that we got when visiting our Twin church in Israel!

We occasionally have Communion which takes place towards the end of the service. You are welcome to participate but if you'd rather not, simply decline as you are served - where you sit, we don't make you walk to the front! Whilst the meal of Communion is bread and wine, we use red grape juice (there's a few with water too).

We hold 4-5-6 services monthly - starting at 4pm on Sunday for a shorter service, followed by tea at 5pm so everyone is leaving by 6pm. This may be the service for you, there's often less singing and praying and the message (it's not really a sermon) is also a bit shorter.

Page under construction - check back soon for more

We record all our services so if you can't make it or would like to listen on-demand, copies of the service (minus songs and videos for copyright reasons) are available on Listen:Again.

We're also investigating the potential of live streaming our services - we already have a congregation member who likes to video call over Whatsapp when unable to attend evening services! This also offers a better experience for some of our older members who can no longer make it to church and so rely on Listen:Again or physical CDs.

If you can't make Sundays with sport, work or other commitments, why not try Saturday Church? It launched in Autumn 2019 and meets on the second Saturday of each month at 4pm. Filled with worship, craft and refreshment, you'd be welcome to join us especially in the more informal setting.

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