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Tura'an team depart!

This weekend, our minister Andrew accompanied by Helen (our youth worker) and Harold, are visiting our 'twinned' church in Tura'an, near Nazareth in Israel. Their flight took off from nearby London Luton Airport at 12.30pm today to Tel Aviv, where they are meeting Ziad - the pastor of the church in Tura'an.

Once they've met Ziad, they will travel to Tura'an and spend a few days there, learning about the area and understanding more about our role as a twinned church. Helen is leading their youth group session on Friday evening, and Andrew is preaching at the Saturday evening service.

The team will say goodbye to Ziad and his family before heading back to Tel Aviv to fly into Luton on Monday evening, a long but most rewarding weekend!

Most importantly, this is an opportunity to share more about our churches with one another, the similarities and difficulties we face as people of God, and how we can continue to support one another through our twinning relationship.

Please pray for the team, for Ziad and Randa who are looking after the team during their stay in Israel, and for safe and stress-free travel arrangements.

For more details about our twinning relationship and how it came about, click HERE

Andrew and Helen at the airport drop-off before meeting up with Harold in the terminal

One of a pair of homemade plates made to commemorate Andrew's first visit to Tura'an in 2017 - the other plate was presented to our 'twin' in Tura'an


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