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Our new Gathering For Learning (GFL) course on Sunday mornings takes us in a new direction, and yet sounds some familiar notes too, picking up on messages in recent weeks of both our Learning and Worship times. "Stuck" is a course over eight weeks that looks at "the places we get stuck and the God who sets us free".

Although we realise that it's the peak of the holiday season, we would encourage you to make the time if you are around during July and August to join us, whether online or onsite, to explore some significant obstacles to the freedom that is God's intention and plan for us all. There's a short reflective video with each session, and the opportunity to talk together in response to it. But there is also a handout to take with you during the week as well, with a Bible passage or two to consider, and with some Projects that you might want to engage with. No one is asking you to do everything suggested, unless that is you want to, but please take some time to consider whether one of the projects is something that you will do in preparation for the following session.

As we take an honest look at ourselves, let us also be sure to see the God who is waiting for us with love, hope and freedom as his gifts for our living as his people today.


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