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Prayers For Tur'an

Here's the latest message, sent first to our church's ARROW Prayer Team, as an alert and with a request from Pastor Ziad in Tur'an, received on Sunday evening:

We are in need of your prayers today

Tensions in our village have continued between two families. At 3:00am this morning a young man was shot and killed. This is part of an ongoing problem that began with village politics between two of the largest Muslim families vying for the Mayor position. Last year another man was shot and killed which elevated the cycle of violence.

We were hoping to begin transitioning to meeting in person outdoors as a church this week as restrictions are being to be lifted. However, with this new development we are unsure of how things will turn out. Please pray for wisdom on how to minister during this time with the pandemic and the situation in the village. 

Please pray for peace and reconciliation. Please pray against the enemy and against any more violence. Please pray for the families and especially the family who lost a loved one. Please pray for safety as there was some rioting and vandalism today in our neighbourhoods after the news broke. 

Thank you.

Below is a picture shared with us by Ziad yesterday, and used within our online service this morning, as his family enjoyed drinks on their balcony at home

Please read on for the Caim (Circling) Prayers also used this morning, which may be helpful as we pray also for Ziad and the family, and for Tur'an as church and town.

Circle us, Lord:

keep love within and hatred without.

keep pardon within and injury without.

keep faith within and doubt without.

Circle us, Lord:

keep hope within and despair without.

keep light within and dark without.

keep joy within and sadness without.

Circle us, Lord:

keep peace within and fear without.

Circle us, Sacred Three in One God,

now and forever. 



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