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Jam Club News

As the regular Sunday morning Jam Club paused for summer, it gave way to the Summer Jam sessions - a fun and more flexible style of teaching to account for the flexible numbers over the holidays. The return of the autumn term brought with it the new "year" in Jam Club, read on to find out about Super Splat Sunday and the Jam Club Promotions.

Super Splat Sunday

Every year Jam Club celebrates the end of the summer term / school year with a special event called Super Splat Sunday (SSS)!

The logo for Jam (Jesus And Me) Club is a big red Splat. When Jam Club was set up in 2008, we had monthly “splat” sessions that were a reward for attendance. Children were invited to “splat” a Jam Club leader i.e. throw 3 sponges soaked in water at a lucky leader! This happened in the warm summer months but also in the cold winter months brrrrrr :( ...

So, in recent years we decided to save the sponge throwing for an annual summer event, inviting the Minister to join in, and more recently our Youth worker. On SSS after the service, any children who are present on the day can throw sponges at the leaders, join in some water games and finish (if they want) with an all-out water fight!!

The pictures below are from the SSS event on Sunday 21 July.

Jam Club Promotions

On Sunday 8 September, we had our annual Jam Club Promotions - an opportunity to sort the children into groups for the next year of Jam Club. For some, this means they stay with the same group and leader while others may move on into the next group. Jam Club Promotions play an important part in the church year as it not only allows the church family to see who stays and who moves up, but also the opportunity to see all the members of Jam Club together in one place. This year we also took a new church family photo after the morning service with some of our Jam Clubbers and leaders featuring front and centre!

To find out more about Jam Club, head to the Youth section of our website or email Amanda on . You can also speak to any of the leaders in the red t-shirts and jackets on a Sunday morning who will be able to assist you.


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