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A Quiz for Christian Aid

As it’s Christian Aid Week, Sue Covington (member at Christchurch) would be running her annual quiz evening which raises a good amount for Christian Aid, so has produced a replacement consisting of 50 questions over 5 rounds. The closing date for anyone submitting official entries to Sue is 30th May

Suggested that the church family just does it for fun, there are no prizes. If people want to make a donation to Christian Aid, this would be much appreciated.

There are 50 questions divided into 5 rounds. This quiz is probably best done on your own taking your time over leisurely cups of tea but feel free to use it how you like! Each participant will need a Bible at hand as verse numbers are required having been given the relevant chapter to read. Here’s an example:

Please give a) answer and b) relevant verse

What is the first colour mentioned in the Bible? Genesis 1


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