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Are we nearly there yet?

We're nearly there, aren't we?

We've had the twinning link with Tura'an Baptist Church in Israel since May 2016, but it's this coming week that we finally get to welcome Pastor Ziad and his family to Hitchin for the first time.

He will be speaking at our Sunday services on 7th July (6.30pm) and 14th July (10.30am), but we also have the opportunity for a first meeting on Wednesday 3rd July (7.30pm in the Lower Hall), the day after he and his family are due to arrive.

We hope that you have already planned to come and say Hello in person, but we have just learned that there is a problem with the flights from Israel booked for this coming Tuesday afternoon.  There is some sort of industrial action planned for Tuesday at the main airport in Israel, and so we are asking you to pray that the plans we have made will yet produce the outcome we have been waiting for.

Please join us in praying now and throughout the coming couple of days to ensure that the family travel plans will work out.

Randa and Ziad welcoming Andrew to their home. Let us pray we can welcome them here as planned

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