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Back in 2022, we began offering breakfast for our young people before their activity session at 11am, proving a welcome relief for some parents as food provision at home became more difficult.

We recognised that as costs continued to rise many more people may need to choose whether to heat or eat and we believe that there will be local residents and families who may benefit from being somewhere warm and eating a free Sunday breakfast.

The options we offer are basic but nutritious and warming. Current provision includes:

  • Cereals or porridge,

  • Warm pastries or toast,

  • Fresh fruit,

  • Tea, proper coffee, hot chocolate, fruit juice.

We offer breakfast from 9.45am to 10.30am each Sunday to anyone who wants, absolutely free, and with no requirement for you to come through to the church at any point although we'd be thrilled if you would join us - even just for a few minutes to see what it's like.


Coffee Plus runs every Saturday from 10am to 12.30pm, and is open to everyone to attend. Why not meet your friends here before heading into town or just pop in for a coffee and a chat? A warm space, a friendly face and free refreshments.

Food for the Body
Saturday Coffee Plus
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