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Men's Breakfast (Online)

An off the cuff remark by the Rev. Ken Clapham, Vicar for thirty three years of St Cuthbert’s, Over Kellet, Lancashire, to the headmaster of the local school led, to his amazement, to several visits from and the formation of enduring relationships with Astronaut James Irwin, Lunar module pilot of Apollo 15 (eighth person to walk on the moon), and Astronaut Charlie Duke of Apollo 16 (tenth person to walk on the moon) [listen here], and made visits to NASA at their invitation. Ken also visited China to meet senior leaders to publicise the Apollo Program, which resulted in a visit to the underground church, at James Irwin’s invitation with President George Bush Snr’s approval, and appearances on Pebble Mill and local tv and radio.

Be sure to join in our next virtual breakfast and hear how Rev. Ken Clapham, raised in Toxteth, one of the most underprivileged areas of Liverpool, came to be known in the UK as the Astronaut Vicar and in the US as Bishop to the Moon.

8.30 am start with a prompt 10am finish.

Saturday 27th November via Zoom


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