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Christian Aid Week

12th - 18th May 2024

The week, running Sunday 12th to Saturday 18th May this year, is a fantastic opportunity to support the great work of Christian Aid in meeting the needs of the world's poorest. In their own words, it is a time to ensure that 'families pushed to the brink can secure a better future'.

Gift envelopes are available in the church (and in most churches across Hitchin) and can be put into the morning offering or the donations bucket; you can also give online via Christian Aid Week 2024 by clicking here.

£5 - could buy the savings book that will help someone set up the small business that enables them to escape the inhumanity of poverty.

£27 - could buy the lockable safe that protects a community’s savings, hopes and dreams.

£100 - could provide 10 people with the training that supports their families to set up small businesses, such as selling home-grown vegetables.

Your donation will help push back against the inhumanity of poverty this Christian Aid Week. Thank you for your support


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